Join Nums: a fascinating exercise logical thinking

With what do you associate the numbers? Maybe with money, multiplication table or the number of important things to do today. Anyway, after meeting with the Indians: you’ll love the numbers even more.

Join Nums for Android is an addictive puzzle game that allows you to convert your free time into useful training of brain convolutions. The player will interact with colored squares in a limited space, and everything is done in a very interesting, if not unique in principle.

In fact, you have to look for the correct location of the squares. Each element has a specific color and number inside. You need to make the number of neighbors with the same color equal to the desired number. However, for better understanding I advise you to take the training at the start.

By the way, Join Nums has only English interface, but it does not prevent, so as to read some important information that you will not have to. The gameplay is based on thought processes, decide for yourself – a lot or a little.

There is also static elements that can not be moved, but you need to use to achieve the goal. The squares can be not only with the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc., but also with zero. Consequently, near such a figure should not be the same color. The game includes as many as 700 different difficulty levels, which is very, very much!

Initially, each player is given 3 tips – demonstration of the correct solution, which just need to be repeated. If you run out, then add one hint by watching the promotional video (by the way, no other advertising is not here). Finally, they can be purchased for real money.

Project Join Nums made on the Unity engine, although special graphic “bells and whistles” we have not seen. The gameplay is accompanied by an unobtrusive melody, which can be a bit annoying if you spend in the game for several hours. Overall, here is a wonderful puzzle game is the best option to pass a few minutes.

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