Inferno 2

Inferno 2 is the result of combining underground-BlogCatalog Diablo with neon twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars. Your little ship will sail dark mazes to find the keys glow and neon destroy enemies to smithereens.

By and large, the rest of the inhabitants of the maze is pretty stupid. However smart they compensate for quantity, cruelty and streams of light bullets. You have to break through the crowd and obstacles, controlling your own health and attacking power.

The first levels are quite simple, as Inferno 2 for Android will first prepare and educate you. But then you realize how important it is to get different upgrades and to pick up specific weapons against certain types of enemies.

Even the playing field itself can be both friend and enemy. Walls can miss shots, but not letting you in, and you can just skip enemies and their shots, and the combination is constantly changing.

Success cannot be guaranteed a trivial move on the field and destroy villains. Especially clear it becomes when there is the red ships are impenetrable to ordinary bullets. There will only rockets, which quantity is limited.

The controls in the game are not easy, because there are 4 types of missile and primary weapon, along with special attacks. You will be dealing with two virtual sticks and four virtual buttons. Easy to accidentally press it and seriously damage the passage of the location.

Inferno 2 is a great continuation of the series. The developers have made it more challenging (not least due to management) and satisfying shooter, which positively differs from most analogues.

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