Hecticube Review

Hecticube Hecticube – another simple game that is ideal to escape or have fun with friends.

We are likely mistaken if we note a direct resemblance with games “air hockey”. Anyway, the gameplay is extremely similar to them. Two players, standing at opposite ends of the virtual table, trying to score against each other with something like a hockey puck.

Pretty familiar situation, isn’t it? But Hecticube there are certain moments that still make the project interesting and unique.

The main feature of the game is that the table space is constantly filled with rectangular objects, which is also reflected from the cue ball and make a mess on the screen. This makes the gameplay more interesting by adding elements of surprise and randomness.

Of course, the sad fact is that artificial intelligence will not be for anyone serious contender. So use Hecticube on Android for single mode does not make sense. However, to play together.

Opt for Hecticube, you get a rather primitive arcade game with good design and decent graphics.

Hecticube download from the links:

Play Store — 1.99$

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