GTA: Chinatown Wars for Android

Many years ago it’s release on the Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable, and iOS, GTA Chinatown Wars got to Android.

The game is set in the familiar liberty city, which disappeared from the island of Alderney. This time the main character belongs to the Asian Diaspora. The player can expect the war of the triads and other gangs.

The graphics in GTA: CTW two-dimensional, but this does not pose any restrictions. Simulation of volume swell. Isometric view from the top gives an excellent overview. The game is made in cartoon style, and all conversations are presented like a comic book. It is not clear what prompted the developers to change the signature hand-drawn style, but with a new look, the gameplay looks great.

Control well-adapted for touch screens. Also supports joysticks and Android TV. Needless to say that you can play, bringing the image on the big screen.

The world is very interactive. Passers-by and road users behave quite adequately. On the road a lot of objects that can be destroyed. For theft of the car will have to work with a screwdriver in the lock or hack the computer in more modern machines. It is surprising that apps on Android cannot be installed.

On the map you can find a lot of dumpsters. Red triad are hiding weapons, and in the green there are small bonuses, such as money or food. But sometimes there are useless findings: ragged shoes, used contraception, or the usual stuff.

Music in the style of previous games, but gangster rap is diluted Asian mix that creates a unique flavor that fills the game a special atmosphere.

The storyline in the spirit of the previous parts of the GTA. The main character Huang Lee, the son of the boss of the Chinese mafia from Hong Kong. After his father’s death, he goes to liberty city to pass on to his uncle Kenny Lee family heirloom to strengthen family relationships, but on the way the relic is kidnapped, and he Huang Li still miraculously alive.

Now he has to restore his family’s honor, to find the robbers and those who are behind this. The usual fun trip turns into a series of exciting events and unexpected twists and turns.

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