Galaxy Legend

It is hard to decide what products to purchase in the store to ensure a comfortable existence in the coming week. However, the launch of several planetary colonies in the quest for galactic domination is more complex and more significant problem. Ready to try yourself in the Galaxy Legend?

Choose what you need to do: research the engine upgrade of the vessel or to increase energy production in the colony is much more difficult than to choose between pizza or baked chicken. Galaxy Legend is a social MMO, where players assume the tasks of managing a colony on a distant planet. Galaxy teeming with other players, they all compete with each other for control over resources and wealth.

All the gains and control process in place mainly through menus and tech trees. Fans of military strategies familiar with such trees. You just need to explore a specific technology and build specific buildings/factories. The importance of three key resources: gas, crystal and metal. Each of them definitely helps in research and construction.

Gameplay Galaxy Legend for Android uses the typical formula of free-to-play projects with MMO-orientation. Upgrades, units and research require time, resources and dark matter. Not having enough patience, it can be purchased for real money. In principle, therefore monetized toy.

Action in the game not so much, since most time is spent on selecting options in the menu. However, it suddenly brings a lot of fun, especially when you see how it grows, develops and thrives in your colony. Fighting is also present, but they player can only control strategy.

The game is great, although the constant dynamism do not pay special attention. If you are looking for a serious space game – it’s right in front of you!

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