Best games for Android: Top 5 in October

So you do not waste precious time, we have prepared a ranking of the most popular games for android of different genres, did a little review of each game, and added system requirements along with important characteristics. In our top 5 we have included games that we love, plus scored a good score and player reviews, so feel free to pick the coolest apps for your devices, install and enjoy the process.

5. Clash of Clans

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You can play against artificial intelligence in single player mode or against other people in multiplayer mode. Of the innovations – with the advent of the village Builder, new form of fighting where there is a simultaneous attack: you attack an opponent and at the same time it attacks you.Fifth we suddenly decided to give Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy in a cartoon style about the war and the construction of your village. Clash of Clans is played by millions of people from different countries enthusiastically chopped, build a village, pump the clan and the village Builder, gaining trophies and participate in tournaments. Something they all really liked…

To successfully attack and defend, will have to strengthen the village to build defenses, unlock and upgrade different types of troops, to learn how to attack and defend the village, and much more. But this is interesting – mind you the same people, and only you can determine who will be the winner. Here you will be able to speak in Russian, to communicate in English with representatives of other countries to see Asian characters and “admire” it from our neighbors in the CIS.

Clash of Clans free in Google Play, but it has paid chips, which have almost no influence on game balance. Of the minuses – to become a top player, it will take 2-3 years or slow leveling, or unrealistic financial investment. For example, our editor-in-chief almost top account with 11 level of the town hall, and he rocked for almost three years is a long time.

4. Minecraft

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Minecraft is a real craft in its purest form. The process is very exciting, because you can completely redo the whole location as you like. Want to build a Palace? Use ingenuity and try to realize your idea will succeed.In fourth place Minecraft – survival simulator about the huge pixel world that is completely at your disposal. Unlike other games, where there is complete freedom of action, here you can do whatever you want. The world consists of blocks-cubes which you can remove, change, make tools, build house and so on.

In Minecraft provides two modes. First you need to learn to build and create different things out of blocks. And the second mode is hardcore or survival, as you like. In established locations suddenly there are zombies or other monsters who are downright eager to tear the main character on a thousand little cubes. And here you have to survive using the skills they learned in the first mode.

In Minecraft you can play online with friends. If you have wifi or unlimited Internet on your smartphone, start network game and rubites in pleasure. Price in Google Play – 529 rubles, the game was downloaded more than 10 million people.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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GTA Vice city is very popular – over a million downloads, HD graphics on level with other popular apps, awesome gameplay make it a leader in the mobile segment.Bronze rating we decided to give Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an epic action game from Rockstar Games.

Open world, gripping story, easy control wireless joysticks and USB gamepads – what else you need? In Google Play GTA Vice City is 379 rubles, not so much for its licensed version. And the pirated versions have online modes and support Rockstar, so we purchase a license.

2. Terraria

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Terraria is somewhat similar to Minecraft – here you will a lot of craft. But at the same time it has more different monsters that are not so easy to win. Of them drop different things: hides, bullion, rare ingredients, which are also needed for crafting. The game has a very dangerous monster, bosses and more than 2,000 types of different weapons. So bored – forward to the adventure. Silver gets Terraria is an adventure RPG with 2D pixel graphics, which proved very popular with owners of smartphones and tablets. The whole interest of the game arose due to the large variation: after launch the app generates a huge world that you can explore, where you can craft items, build houses and other buildings, to fight with monsters.

In Google Play there are two versions – paid and free. Free available only the first five levels and pay costs 319 rubles. So you can first try and if you like it, buy the full version.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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In the Android version of GTA San Andreas fun to play: easy controls, multiple modes of step, running, aiming and driving machine, the graphics are not slow and is automatically configured for each device. As a bonus – you will not lose your saved game because the app syncs with the cloud of Rockstar Games. The gold deservedly goes to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Epic action game about the adventures of a black C-Jay and gang war in the big city gradually moved from PC to Android, which has delighted millions of fans. The mobile version has better graphics, more cool cars and a few storylines.


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