Galaxy Legend

It is hard to decide what products to purchase in the store to ensure a comfortable existence in the coming week. However, the launch of several planetary colonies in the quest for galactic domination is more complex and more significant problem. Ready to try yourself in the Galaxy Legend?

Choose what you need to do: research the engine upgrade of the vessel or to increase energy production in the colony is much more difficult than to choose between pizza or baked chicken. Galaxy Legend is a social MMO, where players assume the tasks of managing a colony on a distant planet. Galaxy teeming with other players, they all compete with each other for control over resources and wealth.

All the gains and control process in place mainly through menus and tech trees. Fans of military strategies familiar with such trees. You just need to explore a specific technology and build specific buildings/factories. The importance of three key resources: gas, crystal and metal. Each of them definitely helps in research and construction.

Gameplay Galaxy Legend for Android uses the typical formula of free-to-play projects with MMO-orientation. Upgrades, units and research require time, resources and dark matter. Not having enough patience, it can be purchased for real money. In principle, therefore monetized toy.

Action in the game not so much, since most time is spent on selecting options in the menu. However, it suddenly brings a lot of fun, especially when you see how it grows, develops and thrives in your colony. Fighting is also present, but they player can only control strategy.

The game is great, although the constant dynamism do not pay special attention. If you are looking for a serious space game – it’s right in front of you!

GTA: Chinatown Wars for Android

Many years ago it’s release on the Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable, and iOS, GTA Chinatown Wars got to Android.

The game is set in the familiar liberty city, which disappeared from the island of Alderney. This time the main character belongs to the Asian Diaspora. The player can expect the war of the triads and other gangs.

The graphics in GTA: CTW two-dimensional, but this does not pose any restrictions. Simulation of volume swell. Isometric view from the top gives an excellent overview. The game is made in cartoon style, and all conversations are presented like a comic book. It is not clear what prompted the developers to change the signature hand-drawn style, but with a new look, the gameplay looks great.

Control well-adapted for touch screens. Also supports joysticks and Android TV. Needless to say that you can play, bringing the image on the big screen.

The world is very interactive. Passers-by and road users behave quite adequately. On the road a lot of objects that can be destroyed. For theft of the car will have to work with a screwdriver in the lock or hack the computer in more modern machines. It is surprising that apps on Android cannot be installed.

On the map you can find a lot of dumpsters. Red triad are hiding weapons, and in the green there are small bonuses, such as money or food. But sometimes there are useless findings: ragged shoes, used contraception, or the usual stuff.

Music in the style of previous games, but gangster rap is diluted Asian mix that creates a unique flavor that fills the game a special atmosphere.

The storyline in the spirit of the previous parts of the GTA. The main character Huang Lee, the son of the boss of the Chinese mafia from Hong Kong. After his father’s death, he goes to liberty city to pass on to his uncle Kenny Lee family heirloom to strengthen family relationships, but on the way the relic is kidnapped, and he Huang Li still miraculously alive.

Now he has to restore his family’s honor, to find the robbers and those who are behind this. The usual fun trip turns into a series of exciting events and unexpected twists and turns.

Hecticube Review

Hecticube Hecticube – another simple game that is ideal to escape or have fun with friends.

We are likely mistaken if we note a direct resemblance with games “air hockey”. Anyway, the gameplay is extremely similar to them. Two players, standing at opposite ends of the virtual table, trying to score against each other with something like a hockey puck.

Pretty familiar situation, isn’t it? But Hecticube there are certain moments that still make the project interesting and unique.

The main feature of the game is that the table space is constantly filled with rectangular objects, which is also reflected from the cue ball and make a mess on the screen. This makes the gameplay more interesting by adding elements of surprise and randomness.

Of course, the sad fact is that artificial intelligence will not be for anyone serious contender. So use Hecticube on Android for single mode does not make sense. However, to play together.

Opt for Hecticube, you get a rather primitive arcade game with good design and decent graphics.

Hecticube download from the links:

Play Store — 1.99$

Inferno 2

Inferno 2 is the result of combining underground-BlogCatalog Diablo with neon twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars. Your little ship will sail dark mazes to find the keys glow and neon destroy enemies to smithereens.

By and large, the rest of the inhabitants of the maze is pretty stupid. However smart they compensate for quantity, cruelty and streams of light bullets. You have to break through the crowd and obstacles, controlling your own health and attacking power.

The first levels are quite simple, as Inferno 2 for Android will first prepare and educate you. But then you realize how important it is to get different upgrades and to pick up specific weapons against certain types of enemies.

Even the playing field itself can be both friend and enemy. Walls can miss shots, but not letting you in, and you can just skip enemies and their shots, and the combination is constantly changing.

Success cannot be guaranteed a trivial move on the field and destroy villains. Especially clear it becomes when there is the red ships are impenetrable to ordinary bullets. There will only rockets, which quantity is limited.

The controls in the game are not easy, because there are 4 types of missile and primary weapon, along with special attacks. You will be dealing with two virtual sticks and four virtual buttons. Easy to accidentally press it and seriously damage the passage of the location.

Inferno 2 is a great continuation of the series. The developers have made it more challenging (not least due to management) and satisfying shooter, which positively differs from most analogues.

Join Nums: a fascinating exercise logical thinking

With what do you associate the numbers? Maybe with money, multiplication table or the number of important things to do today. Anyway, after meeting with the Indians: you’ll love the numbers even more.

Join Nums for Android is an addictive puzzle game that allows you to convert your free time into useful training of brain convolutions. The player will interact with colored squares in a limited space, and everything is done in a very interesting, if not unique in principle.

In fact, you have to look for the correct location of the squares. Each element has a specific color and number inside. You need to make the number of neighbors with the same color equal to the desired number. However, for better understanding I advise you to take the training at the start.

By the way, Join Nums has only English interface, but it does not prevent, so as to read some important information that you will not have to. The gameplay is based on thought processes, decide for yourself – a lot or a little.

There is also static elements that can not be moved, but you need to use to achieve the goal. The squares can be not only with the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc., but also with zero. Consequently, near such a figure should not be the same color. The game includes as many as 700 different difficulty levels, which is very, very much!

Initially, each player is given 3 tips – demonstration of the correct solution, which just need to be repeated. If you run out, then add one hint by watching the promotional video (by the way, no other advertising is not here). Finally, they can be purchased for real money.

Project Join Nums made on the Unity engine, although special graphic “bells and whistles” we have not seen. The gameplay is accompanied by an unobtrusive melody, which can be a bit annoying if you spend in the game for several hours. Overall, here is a wonderful puzzle game is the best option to pass a few minutes.